Dental Care

Having your precious pet's teeth maintained by a veterinarian is one of the most important steps you can take for the health of your pet. Did you know that bacteria in tartar can not only cause damage to the teeth and gums of animals, but also to their liver, kidneys, and heart? Fortunately, our veterinarians and their team have much experience in successfully treating the dental needs in pets in the West Point, Starkville, Columbus, and Aberdeen areas of Mississippi, and they will care for your pet as well!

Dental disease in pets begins just as it does in humans, with the collection bacteria in the mouth. Without brushing or professional cleaning, these bacteria will start to harden and form plaque in our pets. Long-term neglect of the teeth can lead to tooth and gum decay, leading to pain and difficulty eating. Even worse, the constant swallowing of these bacteria can damage the liver, kidneys, and heart.

Regardless of the current age or condition of your pet’s mouth, we can help at West Point Animal Clinic. A thorough cleaning will be conducted, along with the removal of painful, diseased teeth as necessary. Our doctors will also instruct you on how to care for your precious pet’s teeth between visits. Make an appointment for your pet’s dental visit to West Point Animal Clinic today!