Skin issues and allergic conditions are one of the more common reasons people bring their dogs and cats to West Point Animal Clinic. There are many reasons that our precious pets may suffer from skin conditions including flea allergy dermatitis, food allergies, atopic dermatitis, and contact allergens such as dust, pollen, and certain types of grass. Regardless of the underlying cause of itching in your pet, our doctors have the experience to help!

To understand what is causing an allergic reaction in our pets, veterinarians perform similar allergy tests to that of humans. We test numerous allergens, and owners are cautioned to keep those items away from their pets. Our veterinarians can also diagnose food allergies through conducting food trials and changing the diet of the affected pet. Finally, administration of flea preventatives as directed help avoid reactions that can be caused by flea saliva.

The veterinarians at West Point Animal Clinic offer some effective treatments for pets suffering from skin allergies and allergic conditions. They can work with your pet’s particular condition to determine which solution will be right for your dog or cat. West Point Animal Clinic carries only the safest and most advanced medications for itchy skin in pets. A daily oral product is now available, which does not have some of the side effects seen with older drugs. Our clinic also offers an injectable monoclonal antibody which lasts from four to eight weeks, which is extremely efficacious and safe to give long-term if necessary. Medicated shampoos are also individually selected by our doctors, which can also alleviate allergic skin conditions. Finally, we offer special diet foods at our practice in the event your pet is suffering from a food allergy.

Our veterinarians have diagnosed and treated pets suffering from allergic conditions in the West Point, Aberdeen, Starkville, and Columbus areas of Mississippi, and she can help your constant companion as well! If you feel your pet may be itching as a result of an allergic condition, schedule an appointment for an evaluation.