Heartworm Testing

Did you know that heartworms are transmitted to both dogs and cats through infected mosquitoes? Were you aware that heartworms have been diagnosed in all 50 states? Did you know that heartworms are essentially completely preventable using medications carried at West Point Animal Hospital?

The climate in northeast Mississippi makes the conditions very favorable for mosquitoes, and therefore heartworms in our constant companions. Fortunately, the doctors can perform a blood test to determine whether or not your dog may currently be infected with heartworms. The heartworm tests at West Point Animal Clinic are extremely accurate, triggered by a protein known as an antigen that is produced by female heartworms. Our heartworm test takes approximately 20-30 minutes, and you can find out the status of your pet during your visit to our clinic. If your dog is diagnosed with heartworms, there is a treatment that is available to kill the heartworms.

Please remember that the heartworm preventative medications at West Point Animal Clinic are always less expensive and more efficient than treating heartworms after they have matured in the heart of your pet. Whether your dog has never been tested previously, or if you have recently adopted a dog and want to determine their heartworm status, schedule an appointment with us today. Our veterinarians will heartworm test your dog, and determine what type of preventative medication will be most effective for your pet and their lifestyle.