Digital Radiography

Our pets are unable to tell us when and where they are hurting, so a veterinarian must rely on their experience and equipment to determine the problem. The importance of diagnostic equipment is the reason West Point Animal Clinic offers some of the most advanced equipment available, including digital radiography (x-ray).

Modern digital x-ray equipment is much different than older systems which require chemicals and film to develop an image. Digital systems download the x-ray image of the affected area in seconds, so treatment can begin immediately if necessary. Our doctors can email these pictures in the rare event a veterinary radiologist is needed for a consultation, which also reduces the time to for treatment to begin. Images obtained by our digital system can also be manipulated and contrasted, thus eliminating the need for retakes often necessary in traditional chemical and film systems. Finally, the digital system at West Point Animal Clinic is greener than older units, as no chemicals are required to develop our x-rays.

Most everyone understands that x-rays are extremely helpful in locating bone fractures, but there are many other applications as well, including:

  • Determine organ size
  • Find foreign objects
  • Identify tumors
  • Detect fluid accumulation

Our doctors utilize this technology for many other applications as well, so please give us a call if you feel your constant companion made need a diagnosis not listed above.

Our experienced veterinarians and advanced medical equipment found at West Point Animal Clinic have successfully cared for many pets in the northeastern Mississippi area, and we want to be there for your pet as well.